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Gilbert Lab Gallery

Professor Gregory S. Gilbert
Greg Gilbert  

Gregory S. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Environmental Studies

Applied evolutionary ecology
Ecology of plant-fungal interactions
Tropical & temperate forest ecology
Phylogenetic community ecology
Cross-cultural science education

Current Postdoctoral & Graduate Students
Heather Briggs   SharifaGulamhussein  

Heather Briggs
Ph.D. Candidate
Environmental Studies
Plant pollinator interactions, plant traits,
and community ecology


Sharifa Crandal
Ph.D. Candidate
Environmental Studies
Forest ecology,Plant Ecophysiology,
Science Education


Jennifer Harrower
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies
Climate-induced range shifts
in plant-fungal interactions,
Environmental Art, Science Education

Jennie Ohayon      
Jennie Ohayon
Ph.D. Candidate
Environmental Studies
Urban ecology, environmental movements
      Gwen Casebeer
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies
Mycorrhizal ecology
Lab Postdoc & Grad Alumni
Justin Cummings   Megan Saunders   Jorge Torres

Justin Cummings
Ph.D. (2013)
EE Biology
Jointly advised with Ingrid Parker
Plant invasions in tropical landscapes

  Megan Saunders, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2013
Environmental Studies & Ecol. Evol Biology
(with Ingrid Parker)
Phylogenetic ecology of plant diseases
  Jorge Torres-Ortega
M.A. (2012)
Environmental StudiesJointly advised with Jeff Bury
Daniella Schweizer   Barbara Ayala   Suzanne Langridge
Daniella Schweizer
Ph.D. (2012)
Environmental Studies
Jointly advised with Karen Holl
  Bárbara Ayala Orozco
Ph.D. (2008) Environmental Studies
  Suzanne Langridge
Ph.D. (2008) Environmental Studies
Doug Plante   Doug Plante   Ariadna Bethancourt
Yuri Springer
Ph.D. (2006) EE Biology, UCSC
Jointly advised by Mark Carr
  Doug Plante
M.A. (2005) Environmental Studies
  Ariadna Bethancourt
M.S. (2000) Environmental Science
Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
Enith Rojas   Matteo Garbelotto   Enith Rojas
Enith Rojas
M. Eng. (2000) Environmental Engineering
Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
  Matteo Garbelotto
Postdoc (1997-99) UC Berkeley
  Lisa Infante
M.S. (1999) ESPM, UC Berkeley