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Welcome to the Gilbert Lab

The Gilbert lab brings together environmental scholars interested in applying evolutionary ecology to solving environmental problems, within an interdiciplinary environment of natural and social scientists. We are particularly interested in making ecological research relevant, useful, and accessible across different communities of practice.

A diversity of interdisciplinary scholars
Active research themes in the lab include plant disease ecology, phylogenetic community ecology, restoration ecology, spatial and temporal dynamics of forest communities, fungal community ecology, biological invasions, urban ecology, evolutionary ecology of novel species interactions, tropical ecology and conservation, phytosanitary regulation and risk, cross-cultural science communication, social and institutional constraints in conservation. We have special interest in science education at the K-16 level, including inquiry-based learning and effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.

The lab is active in both in the US and Latin America, including California, Panama, Costa Rica, and lots of other places.

The Gilbert and Parker labs are proud to announce the publication of Parker et al. 2015.Phylogenetic structure and host abundance drive disease pressure in communities. Nature 520:542-544. doi:10.1038/nature14372

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Here is a video by Ana Endara, STRI videographer, highlighting our Dimensions in Biodiversity Fungal Dimensions project on Barro Colorado Island. This is a collaboration with Steve Hubbell, Brant Faircloth, and Travis Glenn, to understand why so many species are rare in tropical forests.