A(very incomplete) Fan Compendium of Musical References in JoJo's Bizzare Adventure


JoJo is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Hirohiko Araki split into eight separate parts with the eighth still being released. It has been successfully adapted into five seasons of anime with the fifth currently being released.

Here are all of the intros for the five realesed seasons of JoJo
  1. Phantom Blood: JoJo Sono Chino Sadame by Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga
  2. Fighting Tendency: Bloody Stream by Coda
  3. Stardust Crusaders: Stand Proud by JIn Hashimoto and JoJo Sono Chi No Kioko by Tommy, Coda and JIN
  4. Diamond is Unbreakable: Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town by The DU, Chase by Batta and Great Days by Karen and Daisuke Hasegawa
  5. Vento Aureo: Fighting Gold by Coda

The following are many of the musical references found in the popular Japanese anime JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Many of these references are found in the names of the characters such as Will A. Zeppeli (Led Zepplin) or are found in names of "Stands" such as Killer Queen (Killer Queen by Queen)
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  • Note: I have not included references from Steel Ball Run and JoJolion (Parts 7 & 8) as I have not read them yet and don't want spoilers.

    Here is a Spotify Palylist that includes(almost) every musical reference in JoJo.

    List of Musical References by Character Name:

    Phantom Blood (Part 1):

    Battle Tendency (Part 2):

    Stardust Crusaders (Part 3):

    Diamond is Unbreakable and Vento Aureo (part 4 & 5) don't have music references related to character's names.

    Stone Ocean (Part 6):

    *Foo Fighters is both a character name and a stand name as it is a stand made of phytoplankton that develops a consiousness

    List of Musical References by Stand Name:

    Stardust Crusaders (Part 3) is the first part with Stands Stands are magic soul Pokemon things that are bonded to a persons life force and is unique to them with powers ranging from fire creation to actual time and space distortion. Its hard to explain man. This manga is weird. However, there are no musical references related to stands in Stardust Crusaders so we will have to skip to Diamond is Unbreakable.

    Diamond is Unbreakable (Part 4):

    Vento Aureo (Part 5):

    Stone Ocean (Part 6)

    *Is both a character name and a stand name