Have you seen this man?

(He's not lost or anything, but he's Wanted)

Wanted for the following crimes:

  • Involved in the unlawful production and distribution of Miracle Whip
  • Relentless spending of government money on Steam games (Estimated loss: 700$-1300$)
  • Having an unsavory sense of humor; puns, chemistry jokes, etc.
  • Having a predisposed, negative opinion towards Hawaiian Pizza

    1. A few facts about me:

    2. I come from the obtuse world that is Los Angeles
    3. I've taken up learning Python (You can learn the Python at this website )
    4. I play videogames way more than I should
    5. Currently hiring a jog/gym partner.
    Send me an email here if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to apply for the gym partner position.