Important Dates


Calender dates:

 Week of
 In Section
In Class
 Sept. 20

No section

 Sept. 27

Section expections, Homework 1 introduced

 Oct. 4

Homework 1 due,bring one potential topic (from anywhere, newspaper, google, etc.), read chapters 1 and 2.

October 5 library introduction

Groups and topics picked, Hmwk 2 due

 Oct 18

Midterm Prep.

Midterm Oct. 21

 Oct 25

Group 1 presentation
Group 2 presentation

10/26 guest talk: Ken

Nov. 1

Group 3 presentation
Rough drafts due (bring 2 copies!)


 Nov. 8

 Group 4 presentation
Peer edits due

No class Thursday, Veteran's Day

 Nov 15

 Group 5 and 6 presentations


 10 Nov 22 Section cancelled Papers due Tuesday in class. No class Thurs.
Nov 29  

Group 7 presentation, final prep.



Final exam Wed Dec 8, 4-7 pm



Section Info:


homework 1—conversions 5
homework 2—water consumption 5
presentation 10
rough draft 5
peer review 5
term paper 20
midterm 25
final 25

TAs: Allison Luengen, Frank Black,

Allison’s sections:

Tuesday 4-5:10p, Kresge Classroom 319
Tuesday 6-7:10p, Soc Sci II 141

Frank ’s sections:

Monday 5-6:10p, Soc Sci II 141
Thursday 8:30-9:40a, Soc Sci II 141

Office Hours:

Allison - Monday 9:30-10:30 a, Tuesday 1-2p, B-12 JBEB (459-2088)

Frank - Wednesday 12:30-2:00 p, 285 JBEB (459-5336)

Make an appointment if you can’t come to scheduled office hours!

TA mailboxes: Jack Baskin 269

French Fries Engineer Analogy:

At a fast food joint, if someone asks the employee for a burger, fries and a coke, and they only get a burger and fries - the employee is fired. In this course, if a student doesn't turn in all of the written assignments, give both oral and written presentations, and take both exams - they fail. 


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