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The Santa Cruz Linguistics and Philosophy Group

Here are the past speakers in the Distinguished Visitors series, their affiliations at the time, and the titles of their Department colloquia.  Most speakers also spoke to the Reading Group or led a Reading Group discussion; a few speakers were instead asked to give two Department colloquia.


Adam Sennet, Philosophy, UC Davis
Reading group: "Focal Stress and Cases"
Reading: Fred I. Dretske: Epistomic Operators
"Defining Unarticulated Constituents"


Sam Cumming, Philosophy, UCLA
Reading group: "Discourse Content"
Reading: Sam Cumming: Discourse Content

Adam Elga, Philosophy, Princeton University,
Andy Egan, Philosophy, University of Michigan,
Agustin Rayo, Philosophy, MIT
Reading group: "Search, fragmentation, and the problem of logical omniscience"
Reading: Two papers by Stalnaker


Ernest Lepore, Philosophy, Rutgers University
"The Heresy of Paraphrase"

Peter Carruthers, Philosophy, University of Maryland
"How We Know Our Own Minds: A Dual-Method Theory"


Kent Bach, Philosophy, San Francisco State University
"Perspectives on Possibilities: Contextualism, Relativism, or What?"

Greg N. Carlson, Linguistics, University of Rochester
"Searching for (a Place for) Concepts in Linguistic Theory"

Ned Block, Philosophy, New York University
"Wittgenstein and Qualia"
"The Methodological Puzzle of the Neural Basis of Phenomenal Consciousness"

Zoltán Gendler Szabó, Philosophy, Yale University
"The Determination of Content"


Angelika Kratzer, Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Minimal Pronouns: The Syntactic Construction of Reflexives and Fake Indexicals"

Irene Heim, Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Remarks on Comparative Clauses as Generalized Quantifiers"

Jason Stanley, Philosophy, Rutgers University
"Semantics in Context"


Elisabeth Camp, Society of Fellows, Harvard University
"Metaphor and that Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Peter W. Hanks, Philosophy, University of Minnesota
"Animal Minds and Animal Behavior"

Scott Soames, Philosophy, University of Southern California
"Ambitious 2D"

Michela Ippolito, Linguistics, Boston University
"The Only Implicature"

Christopher Hom, Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz
"The Semantics of Racial Epithets"


Jeffrey C. King, Philosophy, UC Davis
"Semantics for Monists"
"Semantics, Pragmatics and the Role of Semantic Content"