Evelyn and her dog Willy

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And here is a picture of Willy:

His name is Willy and he is 4 years old

  • Willy was given to us as a family christmas present from my brothers ex-girlfriend.
  • He hates meeting new people but loves them once he trusts them
  • He loves following his mom all around the house
  • We used to have many other pets in the house including:
    1. 3 bunnies
    2. 1 Frog
    3. 3 Chickens
    4. 2 Hamsters
    5. 1 guinea pig
    6. 1 Goldfish

Willys best friend was one of the bunnies

The bunny liked being in Willys dog house when he wasn't around

If you would like to adopt an animal you can visit the Animal Shelter in Santa Cruz

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