a little about me

why computer science?

i honestly planned to be business/econ starting college, but eventually scrapped the idea after a brief stint dabbling in eletrical engineering. i was eventually (baited) into cs when a friend convinced me to take a cs class with him in exchange for a burrito. i was instantly hooked by the hands-on, problem-solving environment and have been doing it ever since.

what are my hobbies?

i love playing music on my piano, cello, and electric bass. other than food and sleep, i'd say that music would be the thing i just wouldnt be able to live without. i also enjoy playing tennis, despite being a casual and usually netting the ball after a solid hit or two.

my experience


Tech Officer | December 2017 - Current

  1. Used HTML/CSS to create newsletters for facilitating communication among 60+ staff and 200+ members


Product Owner / Full-Stack Developer | July 2018 - Current

  1. Created and designed a centralized marketplace mobile app with a focus on the UCSC community
  2. Rewrote AWS Lambda functions for database interaction
  3. Set up AWS Cognito user pool for profile creation
  4. Utilized agile development principles to maintain punctual and effective team software development

University of California, Santa Cruz

Undergraduate in Computer Science | September 2016 - June 2020

my projects

arithmetic coding

  • c implementation of the arithmetic coding lossless data compression algorithm
  • compresses files significantly and uncompresses them using a probabilistic model
  • achieved file sizes up to 39x smaller compared to compression schemes used in industry such as huffman coding

huffman coding

  • c implementation of the huffman coding lossless data compression algorithm
  • compresses files using optimal prefix codes from a tree and decodes using the same tree
  • compressed files to 13% of original size while maintaining compression time 50% that of arithmetic coding

visual secret sharing

  • python implementation of the naor-shamir visual cryptography paper to encode/decode images
  • creates image shares so that if any share is missing, the original image cannot be reconstructed nor can any information about it be extracted
  • team project focused on exercising our ability to understand and implement schemes described in scientific papers
  • implemented image parsing/stacking to streamline image reconstruction


  • python implementation of rsa cryptosystem
  • uses self-generated public/private keys to provide industrial-strength encryption for files
  • written without any rsa-related libraries to implement and demonstrate understanding of required number theory

my skills


c / c++ | python | java | javascript | scheme | ocaml | prolog | smalltalk | bash

tools / frameworks

aws | react-native | html / css | git | vim | expo | react.js | jest

contact me

email: euchou@ucsc.edu | linkedin: euugenechou