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So yea, I don't really know what to include in this web page. So here's a table:
That young table header Second table header
Item 1 El segundo
I listen to all kinds of different music styles, but I am a metal-head by heart <3 . Here is a list of my favorite bands (in no particular order after number 1):
  1. Breaking Benjamin
  2. Ne Obliviscaris
  3. Pantera
  4. Suicide Silence
  5. The Story So Far
  6. Shinedown
  7. Opeth
  8. Breakdown of Sanity
  9. Amatory
  10. I'm gonna stop here before it gets out of hand

My current hobbies include: On a related note, here's a picture of me after deadlifting 420 lbs for the second time(back in February 2016).
Notice the guy in the background checking out how much weight I have on the bar. Lol. #mirin

My current goals is to get a 500 lb deadlift (which I will get in the next few weeks). I practice a training methodology called the conjugate method. Learned about it through some dudes on YouTube. They have a four-part series detailing how to set up the conjugate method to fit your training needs. Assuming you're not a complete airhead, you should be able to develop your own training program using their guide. The series can be found here.

Feel free to hit me up at my email regarding anything. Literally, anything.