Golden State Warriors

Moved to my hometown Oakland, California in 1971 and play in the "ROAR"acle Arena
Esmeralda Arias

My name is Esmeralda Arias, and I am a die hard Golden State Warriors fan. The passion for basketball has always been in my family. Dubnation has a strong sense of family and players who are always willing to help the community out.


This is a picture of me at the Warriors game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Here is a list of my favorite players:

1. Stephen Curry

2. Shaun Livingston

3. Andre Igoudala

4. Andrew Bogut (Doesn't play for them anymore)

5. Klay Thompson


Some interesting facts about the Warriors: - The Warriors broke a record with 73 victories and only 9 losses

- Steve Kerr (the coach) was the one who established the last record in the Chicago Bulls

- They are the only team with 6 different jerseys they wear throughout the season

if you have any questions, feel free to contacts me here.