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Welcome to my adventures!

Feel free to look at my favorite image while traveling in the summer of 2018!

I really enjoyed Europe! Meeting people from all over the world was a very enriching experience!

  • I traveled by myself for over a month to the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, and France
  • It was a very scary experience, since it would be the first time that I traveled everywhere by myself.
  • Staying in hostels at first was very intimidating, but in the end, it was actually the best part of traveling solo. I met many amazing individuals and met a lot of cool people. It's worth saving up for, believe me.
  • Feel free to consistently check in for updates on my next summer adventures!
  • Some essentials to also take with you on a trip is
    1. Shower Sandals
    2. Toilet Paper
    3. Toiletries
  • Other tips are to never forget to be
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