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My name is Eric West. Im a frosh, starting Fall 2016, from L.A. I am an entertainer. That's all I try to be. I have always been an artist in as many senses of the word as possible. I pride myself on the raps I write. The lyricism I create is the result of my realities, experiences, and emotions. I thrive off of being able to come up with punchlines that go over some people's heads. Let me give you a peek into my world


I have things that I have to accomplish. I feel it my duty to bring my listeners the most I can possibly bring to the table. These are some of the things I aim to do with my music.

And of course, the one goal every person has to have. I need to aim to be the best I can possibly be.

This is my YouTube where I publish my work. Go ahead and subscribe while you're clicking that link. Support ya boy.
Picture of Eric West


Throughout my career in the past 4 and a half years I've accomplished quite a bit.

  1. Co-Creating A Music Video That Topped A Fox Film Festival
  2. Gaining Access To A Recording Space And Establishing Myself As An Artist
  3. Getting Performances And Experiences
  4. Gathering Allies,Supporters,And Friends

This isn't where I want my career to end. Even if I never make it big I care too much about my music to completely drop it. I love reaching out to people because that's incredibly necessary for what I'm trying to be and do.
Feel free to contact me at my email.