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"Try not. Do or do not, there is no try"



Porter College
1st Year - FRESHMAN

I am 19 years old and what I strive for is to become a Computer Engineer major. Computer Engineer has always been something I really wanted to do, aside from wanting to be a video game designer in my earlier days. In time, however, I started to be more interested in making those technological devices and repairing them rather than just focusing on just games. Besides...math is my strongest feat after all.
I've always been academically focused, not because I am told to do so, but for the reason to be successful,to have a good future, and to help my loved ones.

    About Me

  1. Basketball is my favorite sport
  2. I like working out
  3. I like playing video games
  4. My favorite movies are majorly action,
    fighting, thriller/scary, and drama
  5. Anime is one of my favorite things

These are two of my favorite anime characters here .

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"Every Journey Begins With A Single Step"
- Maya Angelou

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