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West Cliff

University of California Santa Cruz



Major: Electrical Engineering
College Affiliation: Rachel Carson College
Expected Graduation: June, 2017
Email: eortega4@ucsc.edu


CMPE 12/L Computer Systems & Assembly Language
CMPE 13/L Computer Systems and C Programming
CMPE 16 Discrete Math
CMPE 80A Universal Access: Disability, Technology and Society
CMPE 100/L Logic Design
CMPE 107 Probability and Statistics
CMPE 185 Technical Writing

MATH 19A Calculus I
MATH 19B Calculus II
MATH 23A Vector Calculus I
MATH 23B Vector Calculus II

AMS 10 Mathematical Methods I
AMS 20 Mathematical Methods II
AMS 147 Computational Methods and Applications

PHYS 5A/L Mechanics
PHYS 5B/M Waves & Optics
PHYS 5C/N Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 5D Thermodynamics

BME 80G Bioethics in the 21st Century

EE 80T Modern Technology
EE 101/L Electronic Circuits
EE 103/L Signals and Systems
EE 129A Capstone Project
EE 130/L Optoelectronics
EE 135/L Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
EE 145/L Properties of Materials
EE 154 Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems
EE 171/L Analog Electronics
EE 174 Electronic Design Automation Tools

Course Highlights

EE 101/L

Introduction to the physical basis and mathematical models of electrical components and circuits. Topics include circuit theorems (Thevenin and Norton Equivalents, Superposition), constant and sinusoidal inputs, natural and forced response of linear circuits. Introduction to circuit/network design, maximum power transfer, analog filters, and circuit analysis using Matlab. Topics in elementary electronics including amplifiers and feedback.

EE 103/L

The course covers the following topics: characterization and analysis of continuous-time signals and linear systems, time domain analysis using convolution, frequency domain analysis using the Fourier series and the Fourier transform, the Laplace transform, transfer functions and block diagrams, continuous-time filters, sampling of continuous time signals, examples of applications to communications and control systems.

EE 145/L

The fundamental electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials, with emphasis on metals and semiconductors: chemical bonds, crystal structures, elementary quantum mechanics, energy bands. Electrical and thermal conduction. Optical and magnetic properties.

EE 171/L

Introduction to (semiconductor) electronic devices. Conduction of electric currents in semiconductors, the semiconductor p-n junction, the transistor. Analysis and synthesis of linear and nonlinear electronic circuits containing diodes and transistors. Biasing, small signal models, frequency response, and feedback. Operational amplifiers and integrated circuits.


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