HI THERE Enya's webpage

Meet my dog, Roxy!!!

I picked her up from the San Diego County Animal Shelter.

She is a Shiba Inu/mix.

You shall know some information about her!

She is a very unique dog.

She is only 3 years old!!!

  • She does not know any tricks.
  • She does not like any other dogs.
  • She does not like men or boys.
  • She eats a can of tuna everyday.
  • She is very faithful to her owner.
  • Things that are essential to Roxy:
    1. Tuna or Mackerel.
    2. Lots of love.
    3. Lots of attention.
      If you want to adopt a pet like Roxy and you live in San Diego, visit this website!

      If you have any questions about my dog, you can email me! endu@ucsc.edu