Through my eyes, you'll see war

Welcome to my Battlefield

I take cover behind two barrels as I'm being shot at from the enemies disguised as villagers. I look to my left, as I'm gripping my M4, and look at my best friend shedding in tears behind a blown up car. My vision decides to blur. I came to my consensus that I will die at any moment now. The enemies get closer to us and my heart rate rises immensely. I tell my friend, "It was an honor serving next to you, Bryan. You are like a brother to me. You comforted me with your jokes, your conversations, and your presence." Bryan looks up and smiles. "I'd rather have you kill me then have one of these s**t heads murder me" I said. He pauses for a while, but then nods and takes out his pistol. He points it towards me. I look at Bryan's face, while he closes his eyes. I shut my eyes close, too.


I flinch and open my eyes. I'm confused. How am I still alive? I look over at Bryan and I see him looking over towards where the enemies were. All the enemies were being burnt alive. I look above into the sky and I notice the U.S. Air Force shooting missiles into the enemies' area. I get up and run over to Bryan. We both hug each other and begin to cry. "Why didn't you shoot me, Bryan?" I asked. "Well... I've seen you struggle, but I've never seen you quit" he answered. "There was no way I was going to shoot you either way, brother."

Controller 1 Battery Low. Please Charge Your Controller To Avoid Any Further Interruptions.

I place my controller down, and think about what I just went through. As I'm turning off my PlayStation 3, my mom walks in the room. "Hey, time to eat. I made your favorite, tacos." I noded as she walked out of my room like if she didn't just see what I just experienced. I can't believe video games are capable of expressing intense emotions. Well... my favorite food has just been served on the table, so I will see you tomorrow.

Written by Edgar

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