Link to my JavasScript webpage.

Welcome. My name is Esther Mares and this is my personal page.
I hope you like this webspace I have created.

This is my personal email if you'd like to send me an email and conversate about anything you'd like.
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Dogs are my favorite animal, so here I am including a link to my favorite website Lolcatz because who doesn't love dogs and cheeseburgers?

If you click this beautiful picture of my friend's dog named Luna and I, you will be directed to one of my favorite songs. :D

These are things I don't like!
  1. Cold feet in bed
  2. Cold fries
  3. Not having enough napkins
  4. Dead iPhone
  5. Bland food

These are some of my favorite things in no particular order!

I also love Romanian guys and Hot Arabs. Salam Habibi!