Micah, The Border Collie

A Day in the Life for Micah

HI THERE! My name is Micah and here is a beautiful picture of me and my favorite toy:

My Toy and I

Now, let me share to you my daily schedule:
  1. At about 8:30AM my mom wakes up and comes down stairs and my dad goes to work
  2. After she makes her breakfast she leads me to my kennel in the garage and makes me breakfast!
  3. By 9:30AM my mom is dressed and ready to take me on my daily morning walk. This is my favorite part of the day
  4. It is 11:30AM and after walking and peeing to mark my territory everywhere I possibly could, I come home and I am exhausted
  5. My second favorite part of my day is NAP TIME at noon!
  6. It's 3PM and I finally have woken up from my beautiful slumber, I dreamt of running through a human grocery store, SO MUCH HUMAN FOOD
  7. College move in day
  8. Before 4PM I love to walk around and follow my mom as she finishes her cleaning and I often make her play with me and my toys
  9. 4PM is when my home's clock plays a particular song from The Sound of Music and ever since I was 2 Months old I love to howl to this song
  10. After my singing session of the day I spend my hour before 5PM playing with my toys and eating my dinner while my mom cooks dinner for my dad and sister
  11. It's 5PM and my dad comes home and I love this part because if I wait at the door for him to come home, I get the best massage and belly scratch!
  12. Dinner time is here at about 6PM and I go back into me kennel to finish my food!
  13. For the rest of the night I either rest or play with my toys and by about 9PM I go to bed in my bed in my mom's room and dream about my next exciting day!

  • You can email my sister to contact me as she manages my fan mail: Elizabeth Liu