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Recommended Art Museums

These are some of my favorite art museums/ exhibits

Art Museums and Exhibits
Included are links to the websites of each exhibit/ museum, so you can learn about the art and buy tickets!
  1. The Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres, Spain
  2. The Political Line by Keith Haring at the in San Francisco, CA
  3. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain
  4. Mastry by Kerry James Marshall at the MOCA Museum in Los Angeles, CA
  5. The Antieau Gallery in New Orleans, LA
  6. The Frida Kahlo Museum at the SFMOMA in San Francisco, CA
  7. Eloy Torrez. He has no set gallery, but you can keep up with his latest works and exhibits through Facebook and learn about his art online.
Why you should be intersted in these exhibits You can email me, Elena Carrillo about any questions you might have on these exhibits and living artists.
Wild Birds by the Antieau Art Gallery
The Dali Theater-Museum