A peek into the whimsical wonderland of Eliza Jasleen ♥

These are a few of the magical wonders I have experienced in my life :)

Things I want to do in life:

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Iced Coffee & Green Tea Java Chip Frappucinos ♥
  • Capturing candids with my camera
  • Playing hide-in-seek!
  • Reading and writing poetry, pieces of literature, and articles
  • Painting with all the colors of the wind
  • Referencing quotes from movies, especially Disney Movies!
  • A few Facts about Eliza Jasleen:

    1. I am a writer and editor for The Odyssey Online
    2. I absolutely adore animals
    3. Music makes me lose control
    4. I am a Psychology and Latino Studies/Sociology double major
    5. I am a gemini
    6. I am a barista at the Terry Freitas cafe
    7. I love family, friends, food, and my boyfriend ♥

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