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In Accordance - The Top Ten Fire Emblem Heroes Waifus

  1. Hinoka (Warrior Princess) Brave Lances Taste Best on Second Viewing
  2. Celica (Caring Princess) Very Literal Ragnarok
  3. Eirika (Restoration Lady) Did Someone Say Blade Tomes?
  4. Micaiah (Priestess of Dawn) Dropping The Bomb - Save The Animals
  5. Corrin (Novice Vacationer) Brought to You by The Flier Emblem Corporation
  6. Lucina (Spring Exalt) Low Tier City Clocking in at Record High Temperatures
  7. Olivia (Festival Dancer) Dance the Fight Away
  8. Azura (Lady of Ballads) Captain of the HMS Pay to Win
  9. Nephenee (Fierce Halberdier) Awarded For Best Drawn Profile Art
  10. Elincia (Lost Princess) Fights For Her Friends Twice Per Turn

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