Welcome to Edgar Loza's Webpage


Here is a picture that I think is real cool

It uses mirrors and varying textures on the ground that really make the pictures stand out.

(I tried finding the photographer that made this series but so many people reposted this person's pictures that I eventually gave up)

I love watching movies and am usually happy watching anything but I have some prefered genres and a few favorite movies

  • Action/Adventure Movies
  • Murder Mystery
  • Weastern
  • Here are my top 3 favorite movies

    1. Back to the Future 2
    2. Hercules
    3. Spiderman: Homecoming

    The movies I enjoy the most are usually adventure or action movies but I go to the movie theater about once a week so I have seen a lot of bad movies too.

    Whenever I'm REALLY bored and have a computer nearby I usually go to freetetris.org

    You can send me email at edloza@ucsc.edu