Vanessa's 1ST Birthday Pary!

Vanessa is my youngest niece, who I don't get to spend much time with because of school.Luckily her birthday is during summer so i get to be home for her birthday.

Here is a pic of Miguel,Diana,Vanessa and I at Vanessa's birthday party:

Here are some things about Vanessas's Birthday Party:

  1. Her birthday theme party was Baby Minnie Mouse
  2. She wore a Minnie Mouse costume dress
  3. She had two pinatas of Minnie Mouse of course
  4. I made her Minnie and Mickey cupcakes
  5. We also gave candy/goody bags for the kids

Here is a pic of Vanessa'd Birthday cake that i thought was very delicious

You can find the Bakery's Facebook here. to check out different cake designes.

You can also email me if you want to know more details about the party at