Story of the LowLife

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Growing up in the project, all a kid sees is either lowriders, muscle cars, or get away trash vehicles. But there is one for sure, lowriders always turned headsno matter what gang you represented or what street you were on; a lowrider was a thing that shows money and wealth. Back in the 90s, early 2000s, a lowrider was like seeing a Lamborghini or a Bugatti in the streets. All a kid can do is which and day dream of one day owning a lowrider; whether it was a bike or a lowrider, everyone knew that was something that showed and portrayed respect. Yes, these vehicle, many say their isn't any moey in it but its about pride, heritage, freedom to experess oneself in a car that has hydralics or a bike that is a smooth ride. There as so many thigs that make up a lowrider and a few will be below.

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Few Components of LowRider Bike

Components and Ideas of a Car

  1. Very Expensivefunny but true
  2. Chrome under the hood and rims
  3. Expensive paint job and EXTRAVAGANT design
  4. Meant only for Cruising and NOT for speed purposes
  5. Hydraulics
  6. Custom Paint Job
  7. Custom Interior