What I Want To Do Before I Die

This list is not, will not, and will never be complete and is subject to change at any given moment.

There are many things that I want to do before I die

and I highly doubt that i will be able to accomplish them all.

Join me on my journey to live life like it was intended to be lived.

Without hesitation

Without pause

Without fear

& Without second guesses.

Here goes nothing...

  1. Sleep on a train.

  2. Go to a huge concert and stay up until the sun wakes up again.

  3. dance hula and tahitian until my heart gives out.

  4. Learn to hula from Kumu Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu

  5. Set a good example for my cousins.

  6. Witness a miracle.

  7. Get a authentic tattoo done in Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.

  8. Learn a new language... or several :)

  9. Help some one to love themself.

  10. Name a star after someone important.

  11. Fix my relationship with my mom.

  12. Strengthen my relationship with my brothers

  13. Learn to forgive and forget.

  14. Overcome at least 3 of my fears.

  15. Build a home that will not only house my family, but teach them the value of hard work and the meaning of family.

  16. Adopt.

  17. Be able to work with the most majestic animals on the planet.

  18. Save an animal species from extinction.

  19. Give someone a tattoo.

  20. Donate an organ of mine that I don't need at the moment, to someone who is dying for it.

  21. To be a little less judgemental of others.

  22. Make My grandmother proud of me.

  23. Not to waste a minute of my life doing something I hate.

  24. Be honest with myself.

  25. Bring beauty to the world where others only see uglyness.

  26. Show others that there are other ways to see something.

  27. Expand my perspective on life.

  28. Travel to as many places as possible.

  29. Learn to live the way the native peoples used to. Without modern technologies.

  30. Smile more!

  31. Go with the wind... aka do whatever whim comes to mind at the time it reaches my brain.

  32. Be in two places in a foregin country.

  33. live with another family in another country.

  34. Become adopted into another persons culture and live like they would for a year.

  35. Build a HUGE treehouse for kids in another country.

  36. Dig a hole to China.

  37. Wrestle an aligator.

  38. Save some one's life.

  39. Walk in the forrest at night without fear.

  40. Progressively cover my boday in tattoos that represent or tell a story about my life.

  41. Fly.

  42. Swim with a whale shark.

  43. Drop a penny from the top of the Empire State Building.

  44. Be able to walk naked in my own skin and not feel ashamed.

  45. Witness some one else's dream.

  46. Send a letter in a bottle. (And hope it comes back to me before I die)

  47. Walk across the country.

  48. Sneak into the palace of some foreign country's monarch and take a picture without getting caught.

  49. Bury a jar of honey on my first born's birthday and then leave clues for him/her to find it when they have children.

    to teach him/her that love lasts forever no matter what happens in life.

  50. Crowd surf at a concert.

  51. Tell the man/boy that broke my heart this summer (2011) that I love him still.

  52. Find out how far back my family goes. A.K.A. Learn my roots and traditions so my children know where they come from.

  53. Attend a TOMS Shoe drop off.

  54. Climb the biggest tree possible!

  55. walk barefoot for a month... then get a pedicure afterwards :)

  56. To not be afraid to say whats in my heart and on my mind.

  57. Create my own rat circus!