How to Make Chile Quilles

A Family Recipe

I learned this recipe from my pop when I was too lazy to visit home back home. Growing up I remember when my pop was a bachelor, his fridge consisted of only a few things: beer, tea, tapatio, ketchup, tortillas, eggs, and cheese (the makings & toppings of chile quilles). Needless to say, it was his go-to meal for cooking us food; and now in college, I'm happy to share that it has become my go-to meal. I hope this recipe serves you well as it did for many of our family and friends.

Ingredients (Serves 1)
•2 Corn Tortillas -Alongside Cooking Oil.
•2 Eggs
•Desired Sauce (e.g.: salsa, el pato sauce, etc.)- I recommend 2 to 3 ounces. Not all chile quilles recipes use sauce.
•Cheese - American or Mexican.
•1 oz chopped Onion - I like to add bell pepper to spice up my dish!

Directions – You will need to…
Step 1: Set pan to low/medium and heat oil.
Step 2: Chop onions finely and tortillas like a pizza.
Step 3: Once oil is heated, fry onions with tortillas until crunchy (I prefer them to be chip-like because the sauce will make the tortillas soggy.
Step 4: Scramble eggs with tortillas.
Step 5: Poor sauce to cook then add cheese.
*Serve with ketchup and/or tapatio if desired & enjoy!

Meet my pop, Manuel Joseph Barraza

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