El Salvador

El Pulgarcito de America

El Salvador(GREEN) is located at the heart of Central America. It is the smallest and most densely populated country among the 7 countries in Central America. El Salvador is composed of 14 departments(states) and these departments are subdivided into 262 municipalities. The department of Chalatenango is located in the northwest of the country and it has 34 municipalities. La Reina is one of the Chalatenango's municipalities and is my hometown. Being born and raised in La Reina was the best part of my childhood!

La Reina, Chalatenango

Best time to visit La Reina...

  1. During its festivities: February 20th to the 28th
  2. During San Salvador's festivities: August 1st to the 6th
  3. During Winter season: May-October
  4. During December: Christmas & New Years

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