Welcome to my page;)

Here you will find My brothers,pets,friend, and I.

You will also find a link sending you to my favorite gossip page:PerezHilton!

About me:

  • I'll do whatever it takes to keep the family happy<3.
  • I put others before me..how sad.. must learn to put myselfself first!.
  • I'm a sociology major.
  • Very proud... usually i win;)
  • Love making others laugh.
  • This is a picture of my 3 brothers in the Glendora fire.

    A few facts about my friends:

    1. That's right she's holdin a stick!
    2. Her names Jossie, met her in Biology class have became homegirls ever since
    3. Come from Theodore Roosevelt highschool in LA,CA

      Here are my two pets!<3 Penny,cookie.

      This is Diana Signing off :*

      Link to latest gossip :o visit website.

      You can e-mail me here