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April 2014

Deanna Mary Orchanian

  • Freshman
    At UCSC
    Undeclared Major
    Proud Banana Slug
  • From Burlingame, CA
    About 15 Minutes from San Francisco
    Graduated Burlingame High School
  • Made for Art 80F
    Introduction to Issues in Digital Media
    With Professor Kyle Lane-McKinley
Hello Everyone! My name is Deanna and I am a first year student at UCSC, and am affiliated with College Eight! I am Armenian, and am also a very active member of the ASA here on campus. I absolutely love the beautiful scenery of this campus and enjoy most of my days outdoors.

Some of my Hobbies

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Playing with my Cat

You can email me at: dorchani@ucsc.edu

A successful Banana slugs focus's mainly on school work, attends all their classes, and always stays out of trouble.

Day in the life of a Banana Slug

We spend most of our days outdoors and in nature with our fellow Banana Slugs. School Website

As students of a University of California, we are constantly challenging ourselves in advanced rigorous courses.
We are attending school on one of the most beautiful campus's in the world. We spend most of our days outdoors exploring nature.
We contribute to our community, and our fellow Banana Slugs daily.