Meet the Gang

My crew was established in 2012 at Sheldon High School. It first started off with me and Liz in middle school but once Harsheeta came along, we became the three musketeers. High school had its ups and downs, and so did we. No matter what, I knew I had them by my side with whatever came up. My life wouldn't be the same without them!

About the gang:

  1. We have a love/hate relationship Friend Theme Song
  2. We met our freshman year in high school
  3. After high school we all went to different colleges


Some Things We Like To Do:

  • Eat korean BBQ
  • Stalk people on social media
  • have long phone conversations
  • Catch up on the latest episode of Big Brother

  • **If you'd like to contact me via email, click the following link here

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