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  • This is my Co-RA and myself

  • We are the RA's of Apartment Building 3 in Cowell College
  • She is the best Co-RA an RA can ask for
  • This will be the second year we've worked together

  • Introduction

    My name is David Mori and I am a fifth year Business Management Economics and Statistics student. I originally enrolled in UCSC as a mathematics student; however, I soon found Business to be more suited with my liking. I enjoy conducting music whenever I get the chance to as I was the drum major of the Sacramento Mandarins for the Summers of 2008 and 2009. My experience as a leader in this organization as well as my experience I am earning now as a Residential Advisor here at Cowell College will help me in my goal in life. As a drum major, I was in charge of keeping the corps in perfect working order. If the corps ever messed up in anything, myself and my head co drum major were the first ones to receive a reprimanding. If you are aiming for glory and time in the lime-light, the DM spot is not for you. The golden rule as DM is, if you aren't being talked to, then you are doing your job well. The Mandarins really helped build my people skills and confidence in my ability to lead a group of people to a single goal, to meet our potential as a single entity. In the real world, I would like to own a corporation/small business that helps people, like third world countries or poor farmers. Essentially, what I want to do is get my ingredients from farmers that are underpaid and pay above average pay for them. This seems impossible but I love helping people so I would like to put that liking into what I do for a living.

    My favorite Movies
    1. Star Wars Ep.'s I-VI
    2. Titanic
    3. Independence Day
    4. Back to the Future II
    5. We Own the Night

    This is me as a Drum Major

  • I'm conducting the first of five songs right now. This show is at the 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival in Ohio. We placed 18th out of 22 corps that year

  • Contact Me! Phone: 831.502.2987 Email: David Mori