Have you met my dog?

It's a GIRL!

Note: If you do not like chihuahuas, go away

So cute <3


Throwing some fun facts about my bitch dog :

  1. Her name is Maru. However, she acts like a baby, so everyone just calls her BABYYY!
  2. My dad found her on the streets and he took her home. (She was a stray and no one else claimed her)
  3. I have had her since 2010, and according to veterinarian's, she was around one year old when I first got her.
  4. She is a chihuahua mix. I don't know what the other part of her is.
    • She is black and white, with a little bit of grey.
    • When her ears are down, she reminds me of a dachshund. :3

To find more pictures of my dog, click here to for more.

And if you want more pictures to be uploaded, or want any more fun facts about Maru:
EMAIL me at dlcai@ucsc.edu