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Donald Hui

Just kidding, this one is the real me:

About Me

April 25, 2019

Oh shoot, you thought this website was about me? Oof, my bad, it's actually about CHICKENS!!!

In fact, lemme tell you some things about chickens.

Ordered list of stuff about chicken:

  1. Chickens can't fly

  2. They may seem graceful, but they can be fierce

  3. There are more chickens on Earth than people

  4. Chickens can remember over 100 faces

  5. My favorite quote to say is "LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS!!!"

Unordered list of stuff about chicken:

  • Chickens love to eat seeds

  • Chickens taste delicious

  • I'm a chicken, aka what they call a wimp

  • Going to KFC? I'm down for some fried CHICKEN

  • Gurl are you a chicken, cuz you sure are looking like a meal

  • Sorry, I don't really know where I was going with this, I was just having fun with it :) <3

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And finally, here's a self advertised remake I made of Finding Nemo!!!