Let Your Hand Create Your Imaginations

"Art is the creation of your mind where your hand creates it."

There are so many thing in our minds and so many imaginations that we wonder sometimes, where we believe that there is no possible chance to project these fantasies into reality. Well, let me tell you. If you know what you want to create then you are able to create your own imaginations into realty where it is similar to the things you have imagined.

"Don't ever stop your passion" is what I have heard from multiple of people and here I am stuck in faze where I do not know what I enjoy doing, but then the moment I saw my older brother's artwork, it has became to be my inspiration to draw like him, where I wanted to be creative just like him, projecting his creation to reality where people can see what he have imagined through his artwork. This is what I want to show, to show people my artwork of my imaginations where I want to make my images real. And by posting these photos of my creation to you, I am glad to have know that i have made my imaginations real. I hope you enjoy them because I as a young adult, I have come to realize that art was my passion, always leading me forward into life, for it relieves the tension inside of me. Art became a part of me.

Like life, art take time, where you take things little by little and make them come together as a whole. Here is a link to one of my masterpiece that I combined together to make a symphony of my creation: 2011 SENOIR DRAWING. (WARNING: You have to have a Facebook to access.)

Here is a list of some of my creations:

  1. Personal Anime of characters
  2. A glass Jewelery Box
  3. A 3D Name Plate of glass
  4. A painting of the "Corpse Bride"
  5. An oil pastel silhouette of a sunset
  6. A 3D Origami Shark
  7. A knitting scarf
  8. Replica photos

Personal information about me:

  • I use my free time to draw and make things on my own.
  • I love to scrapbook!
  • My Quote,


If you have any questions or personal thoughts,

You can contact me at: