My UCSC Adventures


Its been a long road here at UC Santa Cruz for me but it has also been worth wild! I have met someone truly amazing and have had the pleasure to make some wonderful memories with her.

Here are some of our adventures.

  1. It all started with just an awkward car ride I gave her and her friend to downtown and that opened the door for us to meet up and hangout afterwards when we were available later on that day. We ended having an amazing talk and we really learned a lot about one another.
  2. One of our first great trips was when she was homesick and I told her that I could drive her home. I was a nervous wreck for my car but I was really glad and happy to see her so happy!
  3. Another great time was when she came home to a great big surprise to flowers and and a teddy bear and all of her favorite candies. I also popped the question that night and figured it was time to make it official with her! P.S. Best decision ever!

Let me fill you in on reasons why it was the best decision I have made so far

  • She is so supportive of my eating habits and will gladly dig in with me!
  • She enjoys playing baseball and watching it and that made me the happiest when she told me she wanted to buy gloves to play catch
  • She is just too adorable and funny at times I can't stand her!

    We have our ups and downs just like anyone else but it is all worth it at the end. Allow me to show you a perfect representation of how she can be from Pinterest

    You can find love like this here too!

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