Peggy (Margaret) Delaney


Ocean Sciences board
Office: A450 EMS/C558 EMS (lab)
Phone: (408) 459-4736, 3123 (lab), 4026 (messages)


1983 Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Joint Program in Oceanography, Ph.D.

1977 Yale University, B.S. summa cum laude with distinction in the chemistry major

Research interests

Paleoceanography, marine geochemistry.

Classes taught

Earth Sciences 102/Ocean Sciences 280 Marine Geology. Earth Sciences 122 Paleoceanography. Ocean Sciences 80B Earth: A Habitable Planet. Selected seminars.

Selected publications

McIntyre, K., A. C. Ravelo, M. L. Delaney, L. Anderson, and T. Johannessen, Ground truthing the Cd/Ca-carbon isotope relationship in planktonic foraminifera of the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian Seas, Marine Geology (in press).

Delaney, M. L., and L. D. Anderson, Phosphorus geochemistry in Ceara Rise sediments, Proc. ODP. Sci. Rslts. 154 (in press).

Hampt, G., and M.L. Delaney, Influences on calcite Sr/Ca records from Ceara Rise and other regions: Distinguishing ocean history and calcite recrystallization, Proc. ODP Sci. Rslts. 154 (in press).

Delaney, M.L., L.J. Linn, and P.J. Davies, Trace and minor elements in Halimeda aragonite from the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Reefs 15: 181-189 (1996).

Filippelli, G.M. and M.L. Delaney, Phosphorus geochemistry of equatorial Pacific sediments, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 60: 1479-1495 (1996).

Delaney, M.L., and G.M. Filippelli, An apparent contradiction in the role of phosphorus in Cenozoic chemical mass balances for the world ocean, Paleoceanography 9: 513-527 (1994).

Filippelli, G.M., and M.L. Delaney, The oceanic phosphorus cycle and continental weathering during the Neogene, Paleoceanography 9: 643-652 (1994).

Filippelli, G.M., M.L. Delaney, R.E. Garrison, S.K. Omarzai, and R.J. Behl, Phosphorus accumulation rates in a Miocene low oxygen basin: The Monterey Formation (Pismo Basin), California, Marine Geology 116: 419-430 (1994).

Delaney, M.L., L.J. Linn, and E.R.M. Druffel, Seasonal cycles of manganese and cadmium in coral from the Galapagos Islands, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 57: 347-354 (1993).

Delaney, M.L., and L.J. Linn, Interstitial water and bulk calcite chemistry, Leg 130, and calcite recrystallization, Proc. ODP Sci. Rslts. 130: 561-572 (1993).

Other Information

Editor, Paleoceanography (1996- )

UC Santa Cruz - Peggy (Margaret) Delaney - 30 April 1997