Ferret Development Spring 2017

CMPE 2B: Ferret Development and Technology

"CMPE 2A did NOT prepare you for this class!"

Welcome to Ferret Development and Technology. In this class you will learn about the growth from the beginning as zygote cell into a fully matured diploid ferret. Like in CMPE 2A, we will look at the brain development of ferrets as they begin to master technology but we will get into a deeper discussion about possible ferret cyborgs. Caring for a ferret is mandatory in this course and Final consists of making a machine for your ferret.

Course Breakdown:

Note: Concurrent enrollment in Ferret Farm required for this course.

Ferry was the first attempt at a Cyborg Ferret, sadly the experiment failed and Ferry passed away.

Assignment 1: Watch the following video and write 500 words for 2 of the following prompts:

  1. Did this video enlighten you on how amazing ferrets are? If not, why did you choose this class?
  2. If you were to 1v1 a ferret, what are the best techniques to use against his agility?
  3. If you were on Mitchells Pirate ship and you had to bet on a ferret or a parrot in a fight, who would you choose?
  4. Should Ferry have won the Nobel Peace Prize for pioneering the future of science?

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