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This website is a collaborative digital space designed to prompt reflection and self compassion where visitors can reflect on their thoughts and feelings around the environment, the climate crisis and their relationship(s) to it. Answer to add your feelings to the site and see other’s responses!

Information about the climate crisis is often presented with shaming undertones or shocking statistics that can be extremely emotionally heavy without making space of these feelings. This can have the effect of feeling invalidating or catastrophizing the situation. While catastrophe is arguably a good word to describe the climate situation, the emotional state of catastrophizing is often a painful and unproductive place to be. This site will talk about compassion as a willingness to sit with someone’s suffering in a welcoming, loving, affirming, non judgemental way. By this definition, self compassion is a willingness to sit with your own suffering. Suffering is a natural and necessary part of the human condition. To shy away from it is invalidation.

I wanted to create a space for people to feel compassion for themselves and their ‘climate grief’, climate anxiety, gratitude, confusion, anger, hope or ANY feelings they may have, while taking time to reflect on the nuance and complexity of these feelings. Hopefully by being able to share and see others' responses, the experience of the survey would also make people feel less alone.

Drawing is therapeutic and a great way to express and work through complex emotions. Please feel free to use a drawing to respond to any of the questions or bring forth anything not discussed in the survey.

The drawing board below is for personal computers.

If you are on a mobile device, the site invites you to make a drawing on paper and photograph if you'd like to add to the site.

If you'd like to add your drawing to the site and you're on a mobile device / have a physical drawing, take a photo of it. Once you have the a photo you can visit the site's public google doc by tapping the upload button. To upload, tap the edit icon which looks like a pencil and then tap the + icon and select 'image'. You should see the drawing in your photos. Select it, then tap the check mark in the upper left and you're done!

If you'd like to add your drawing to the site and you've made your drawing using the site's drawing board on a personal computer, upload by clicking the save button which will download your drawing to your computer. Then click the upload button to get to the google doc, select the image icon which looks like a little picture of 2 mountans and is next to the add comment icon and the link icon. Select 'upload from computer' and you will find the image in downloads.

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