ZotNet Help

Using NetDraw

The image below shows the different buttons in NetDraw and what they do (Click to make it bigger)

Buttons in NetDraw
Version 2.148 also includes zoom in and zoom out (Z buttons)

Some Tips

In NetDraw, items are referred to as "nodes" and the relations between them as "ties"

To make a more coherent arrangement

To hide isolates (items with no relations)

To hide pendants (items with just one relation)

To show hidden or deleted nodes

  1. click the ~Node button (Delete/Restore Nodes)
  2. select "Inactive nodes" under "Which Nodes to Work on" and "active" under "Change Status to"
  3. Go to the menu again and select "Dead nodes" to change to "active"

You can add additional variables for your data by going to Transform | Node.