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MicroReport allows students to anonymously report microaggressions they've experienced on the UC Santa Cruz campus. Users can also view the reports submitted by other anonymous users on a map, and also in list form. In addition, information is provided in the app related to the definition of a microaggression and also a list of resources available. Microaggressions are subtle slights and indignities based on an identity like race, gender, or sexual orientation. This app provides a way for individuals to better cope with and understand microaggressions.

User Guide

Android User Guide (PDF)

Research Study

Dr. Christy Byrd and a research team at UCSC are using MicroReport to study microaggressions on campus. We are looking for UCSC undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the study for 1-3 quarters. If you are interested in participating click here.

What is a microaggression?

MicroReport app screenshortA microaggression is a subtle verbal or nonverbal slight directed toward a person because of their group identity. Though microaggressions are generally not intended to be harmful, they are a form of discrimination that can have negative effects on the health and well-being of minority group members. Here are some examples:

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Christy Byrd at cmbyrd@ucsc.edu.


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