This is a website that tells a brief explanation of the difference between Fender 'Telecaster' vs 'Stratocaster'. There are more kinds of Fender but These two are the most commonly used over all

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Stratocaster and Telecaster are the two most sold guitars that are built by the company 'Fender'. Very many musicians and artists use them that there is huge discussion which one sounds how different and when people prefer which

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The differences of the TWO

  1. Telecasters only have one tone controller
  2. Stratocasters usually have three of single bridges
  3. The location of cable jack is different
  4. Shapes of the guitar body are slightly different

These are some videos of each types, they are distinguishable


Here -> Enjoy :D

Stratocaster has sharper sound that many rock bands have been using this to emphasize the powerful sound from the guitar


Here -> Try XD

Telecaster on the other hand, has round sound that fits many different kinds of music such as country, jazz, some rock and pop


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