White FLOOFS on Earth

Everyone wants a taste of heaven and a taste of happiness, so here are some floofs to make your day a lil brighter

Floofs. Clouds. in other words


Shoobs originated from Northwestern siberia where they

  1. heckin herd deer
  2. Pull on sleds
  3. They protek their hoomans
  4. Serve as an optiomal pillow
  5. Grreat feet warmer, super sof
  6. They can barkour

    They are even floofier when you give them a good scratcho, take a look:

    Floof woof from r/samoyeds

    Although they are big bois, they be gentle as a cloud


    Remember to give a shoob a boop if you see one and try eat spageters when hangry

    just like shoob, I habe no concept of numbers, I lost track of time making guud webpage. I hope I dun you a guud educate on shoobs

    If you'd like to share your love for shoobs, you can boop me at cignacio@ucsc.edu