Welcome to UCSC


Being a Freshmen has it's up and downs. So here's a friendly guide to show you the ins and outs on how to be a top notch banana slug!

Here is a couple reminders and advice, whenever you are feeliing homesick or simply trying to make UCSC you're new home

  1. Make friends! Go down your hall and introduce yourself to your hall mates. Talk to people in the dinning hall, chances are everyone around you is looking to have a friend as well.
  2. Join clubs! UCSC has countless organizations that you're able to join. Being in an organization makes your college experience AMAZING!
  3. Make sure you attend class! Now that you're in college you should probably know that some professors don't take attendence which means it's okay to skip class right? WRONG! We're all here because we came to continue with our studies!
  4. Last but certainly not least, have fun! Being a college will stress you out no doubt, so remeber to take time for yourself and enjoy every moments.

One important advice is to get to know the staff, workers and professors around you

  • They work hard to be able to provide us with resources and education we need
  • They are there to help you when you are struggling. Take advantage of this opportunity. So go to thier office hours.
  • It is also a great opportunity to be able to get to know them better and for them to know them better.

    We are all human beings,therefore it is IMPORTANT to self care during our time here at UCSC. So if you ever have the feeling of being alone or everything is just piling up on top of you and you feel overwhelmed check out CAPS

    Don't forget you are NOT alone! Don't forget you are NOT alone! Don't forget you are NOT alone!

    Send me an email with anything!

    Don't forget to kiss a banana slug for good luck!