Chakty Carrillo, the girl w/ the crazy curly hair.

My name is different, I know... That's because my name is Russian so it shall be pronounced as Chasty.

Here is a fact about myself, even though it might seem unbelievable, oh no believe me its true!

I have a small obsession with the band, Coldplay. It all started when I was forced to attend one of their concerts. By far, one of the best experiences of my life! Best thing that I was ever forced to do! After that it seems like you have to force me to stop listening to their music!

These are a few of my favorite songs by them:
  1. A Sky Full of Stars
  2. Clocks
  3. Viva La Vida
  4. Magic
  5. Fix You
The band has been my favorite for a few years for the following reasons:

You may read some of their lyrics here.

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