Welcome to HAZY BRÜ Company

Here at Brü Company we use a variety of techniques and ingredients that involve new and unique hops to make a truly amazing BRÜ

Hi There! Welcome our new seasonal beer, Keep It HAZY:

What flavors Keep It HAZY has to offer:

We take pride in creating our craft beer. If you would like to learn more about the different types of hops we use, please visit this Hop Guide.

Keep It HAZY is just one of our seasonal beers that we come out with throughout the year.

Try and enjoy our three other seasonal BRÜ's:

  1. Spring BRÜ- Freshly Squeezed HAZY
  2. Summer BRÜ- HOT and HAZY
  3. Winter BRÜ (Brewing soon)- TBA*

For Questions and/or Comments, contact us at: chasouza@ucsc.edu