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This is Allie and Noah

Here are some few facts about Allie and Noah:

  • They met when they were sixteen
  • They were from different social classes
  • They were very much in love
  • However, things were not always easy for Allie and Noah:

    1. They only had the summer with each other
    2. Allie's parents did not approve on Noah because of his social class
    3. Noah had broken up with Allie by the end of summer

    Allie did not want to believe that things with Noah were really over:

    But as the years went by, Noah and Allie's love for each other faded:

  • Noah joined the army with Fin
  • Allie went to a 4-year university
  • Allie fell for a man named Lon
  • Years later, Noah saw Allie while on the bus one day

    He chased after her and was planning to talk to Allie until he saw this:

    As Lon had finally proposed to Allie, Allie needed some type of closure with Noah:

    1. She went to vist Noah
    2. She told him she was getting married to Lon
    3. She began to become confused about who she truly loved

    Noah and Allie realized that their love for each other would never stop:

  • They fell for each other all over again
  • They got married
  • They lived a happy life with 3 beautiful kids
  • In the end, the two true loves figured that their love was capable of anything ever imaginable

    Remember folks, true love does exist

  • Always fight for "the one"

  • How well do you know the The Notebook?

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