Welcome to Christina Findley’s Website!

About this Website:

This is Christina Findley’s personal website, where she will post her solutions to the homework for AMS209 at UCSC. Please see thecontentsfor appropriate links for the homework solutions. They will be posted only after the deadline for the course. If you use any of theinformation from the website, please cite me as a reference. Thank you, and enjoy the website!

About Christina Findley:

Christina is a member of the Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics group in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics department of the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). She is currently researching the Helium rain phenomenon on Jupiter with Dr. Pascale Garaud to earn her masters degree in Applied Mathematics. As an undergraduate, Christina earned two bachelor of science degrees in Mathematics and Astrophysics at Arizona State University (ASU).

Research Areas:

Astrophysical fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, and differential equations.

Selected Publications:

WENO Simulations ofAGN-Jet Induced Star Formation, Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research with Dr. Carl Gardner, Arizona State University, http://repository.asu.edu/items/28898.

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