UberHaxorNova Introduces The Magic Genie Lamp

The Magic Genie Lamp

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Hi There

UberHaxorNova Rubs The Lamp

Uber:Genie. I'd like to make a formal request for one of my wishes. Uhh.. I wish that I don't get shit maps anymore. Is that possible?

The Magic Genie Lamp Monologue

You could have wished for anything.

You could have: But, instead, for the first of your finite three wishes, you chose to wish for "No More Shit Maps." I pity you... dearly.

What Am I Even Doing?

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. This is literally how I managed to put this together:

  1. Google every single html tag needed for the assignment
  2. Use the w3sschools webpage as reference
  3. Constantly save and open the html file after each thing added to see if it worked

Story Of This Assignment

In a rough nutshell, I glued a whole bunch of parts together and hoped for the best. Good Enough? (Watch from 0:54 to 1:04)
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