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What is Jade? Why the Interest?

Jade Images

Different variations of Jade such as Siberian, Mayan, and Canadian:

  • Why my interest in Jade?
  • Jade to me since I was a little kid has always fascinated me; particularly green mesoamerican jade.
  • My ancestors mined this gemstone thousands of years ago.
  • I like the diverse range of colors.
  • Lastly,it simply a lovely gemstone to flaunt.
  • On the other hand, the price of jade are the following:
    1. "3,000 an ounce jade sells for according to Forbes in China".
    2. Myanmar's "$31 billion per year jade industry goes to China; according to GEM FAME".
    3. $100,00-$1,000,000 price range estimates in Hong Kong.

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