Campbell Leaper
Professor of Psychology
University of California, Santa Cruz

Campbell Leaper is a developmental and social psychologist who investigates the origins and consequences of gender inequalities across the lifespan. A developmental perspective guides his study of the childhood origins and long-term consequences of gender typing. In addition, a social-psychological approach is reflected through his consideration of the interrelations among the person, the situation, and society. (See link above to “Research” for more information.)

Professor Leaper advises and collaborates with graduate students in the developmental psychology program. He also teaches and supervises undergraduate psychology majors.

Research Interests

(See “Research” page for more information)

- Social construction and socialization of gender in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood

  1. -Sexist attitudes and experiences with sexism

  2. -Gender ideologies

  3. -Self-concept and personal identity

  4. -Social identity; intersection of gender and other social identities

- Language and social interaction

- Peer groups, friends, families, and other social relationships

- Gender bias in the schools

- Academic and athletic achievement

- Images of gender in the media


   Psych 1: Introduction to Psychology

   Psych 100: Research Methods

   Psych 106: Social and Emotional Development

   Psych 107: Gender and Development

   Psych 140Q: Social Psychology of Gender

   Psych 193: Field Study

   Psych 194A: Advanced Research in Developmental Psychology

   Psych 195: Senior Thesis

   Psych 244B: Proseminar: Social and Personality Development

   Psych 254: Psychology of Gender

Professor Leaper is a recipient of the Social Science Division’s “Golden Apple Award” for outstanding teaching.

Recent university administrative service

  1. -Department Chair, Psychology Department (2015-present).

  2. -Director, Graduate Program in Developmental Psychology (2007-2010 and 2014-2015).

  3. -Interim Provost of College Nine and College Ten (2014).

  4. -Chair, Academic Assessment Grievance Committee, Academic Senate (2008-2013).

  5. -Member, Executive Committee and Academic Standing Committee, College Ten (2007-2014).

  6. -Associate Dean of Social Sciences (2000-2006).

  7. -Founding Provost of College Nine and College Ten (2000-2006).

Recent professional service

- Co-founder and co-organizer, Gender Development Research Conference [LINK] (2004-present).

  1. -Editorial board, Sex Roles (2001- present).

  2. -Associate editor, Child Development (2003-2007).

  3. -Editorial board, Developmental Psychology (2001-2003).

Professional memberships

- Association for Psychological Science (Fellow)

- Society for Research in Child Development

- Society for Research on Adolescence

  1. -Society for Personality and Social Psychology

  2. -Gender and STEM Network

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Professor & Psychology Department Chair

Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles

B.A., Boston University

University of California, Santa Cruz

Department of Psychology

277, Social Sciences 2

1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office: Room 355, Social Sciences 2

Phone: 831-459-5084 (Psychology Dept)

Fax: 831-459-3519 (Psychology Dept)